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Profiles is a dynamic search firm staffed with experienced professionals in a variety of industries and management disciplines. Our consultants have the expertise to secure the best opportunities in the marketplace and recruit the best candidates to fill those positions. Our business divisions are as follows:

Engineering - Sales

This division utilizes the diversified experience of professional recruiters to successfully recruit and market sales candidates and obtain the best client openings. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of the sales standards required in order to assure proper matching of qualified candidates to specific openings. Our areas of specialty are Plastics, Rubber, Chemicals, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Controls, OEM and Capital Equipment.

Engineering - Technical

This division is staffed with experienced professional engineering recruiters. Their understanding of specific engineering processes enable them to fully comprehend client needs and the recruitment of professionals to satisfy those needs. Our areas of specialty include Plastics, Rubber, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Controls, OEM, Stamping, Forging and Quality Control.

Information Technology

This division is staffed with professional IT recruiters. Their extensive experience enables them to understand specific client requirements for any position and to recognize and recruit skilled and talented candidates to fill those requirements.

Food & Beverage – Technical

This Division specializes in the recruitment of manufacturing, engineering and management professionals within FDA and USDA Regulated environments. We understand the importance of recruiting the top talent . We source candidates in the following positions for facilities from 50 to 1500 employees: Production, Quality, Maintenance, HACCP and SPC Implementation, Plant Managers, Logistics, Materials, Sanitation, R&D, Human Resources and Packaging Design & Systems.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Manufacturing

With 15 years experience in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industry, within the manufacturing and professional recruiting sector, we specialize in matching top tier candidates with today’s cutting edge manufacturers. Our areas of specialty are QA/QC, Process Engineering, Materials Management, Regulatory Affairs, Compliance, Validation, Production Management, Human Resources and Supply Chain Management. We understand that medical technology expands beyond the US and specialize in sourcing candidates with onsite international and multi-cultural experience.


Credit Unions - Branch Managers, Marketing, Finance, Managerial
Banking - Commercial Lending: Middle Market and Small Business, Marketing, Managerial
Effective recruiting within the banking and credit union industries requires a working knowledge of the day to day environment in which these organizations compete. Our Finance division takes a long-term approach to recruiting successful candidates and developing relationships with banks and credit unions.

Profiles is an Equal Opportunity Employer and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital or family status.

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